Sylvan Lands Vol. I

by Holden Days

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alpineravel there is much to discover in these songs and I have many words to say - I will say these for now: the stories within this album do not belong to you or me, but they will be felt as if they do. it’s an honor to accept an invitation into this world, to see it, hear it, and feel it. we are privy to something special here.
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Recounting an ancient love and formative memories, Andrews divulges the depth of emotional prowess accompanied by whimsical melodies and euphoric arrangements, all resting in a fitted nest fashioned by a writing and production process of over four years.


released September 6, 2019

Timothy Andrews - all instruments and vocals unless otherwise noted
Christian Hernandez - drums on tracks 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
Luke Culbertson - additional vocals on track 7

MIXED BY: Timothy Andrews with endless correction from Luke Culbertson
MASTERED BY: Luke Culbertson

Special Thanks,
Luke Culbertson for sticking with me and the tireless amount of development it took to make this album come to life, Christian Hernandez for killing it on the drums and giving these songs the energy they needed, The Stouts for letting me use their piano on track 5, Christopher (Watercolour) for the brainstorming and drafting for track 8, Sara for trading places, Joaquin Miller for the endless inspiration and album title, Ben Reaves for pressing me onward and for believing in my vision, Joel from Chase Bliss Audio for helping supply me with the insane textures that this album truly needed, and to my other friends and family who put up with my rambling on about working on this album for the past 4 years. I'm glad it's finally here.


all rights reserved



Holden Days San Juan Capistrano, California

The semi-collaborative dream-folk project of Timothy Jude Andrews of Southern California, who is carefully amassing castles of songs as if to fill every page of the world's journals and storybooks.

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Track Name: Where You Want To Be
Where you want to be
Is clear to me
For my heart grows with longing for the same place

Stars and moonbows call
In spring or fall
They've waited ever since the day you were born

And as your limbs grew long
Your soul sang along
And gardens inside you
Grew flowers and leaves
And high-standing trees
All with the sweetest of fragrances

Leaves of every sort
Bring you comfort
And keep their colour as your words on paper

Tell me what you wrote
Of river boats
And all the places you'd like them to take you

The moon is calling us up the hill
A vast expanse of world for us to see
Restless feet belong to you and me
Our dreams are roadmaps of where to roam
And where we're called, we'll follow
To every hollow and sky we've never known
Look up, for this Earth is not your home
All the trees and mountains that you see
Stand and reach for where you want to be
Track Name: Hold
I will come over to your house
You don't say a word
So we'll go without
Steady hands
Shiv'ring hearts

Talk on the phone till I'm in your place
Your voice in my pocket
Till I see your face
Come outside
To face your fears
Stolid skin
Distant reach

Both of our faces sink and hide
Forest of fingers keep us inside
Hold my hands
I'll kiss your hair
Hold this love

This is all too much
Yet it's never enough
I know it well
Track Name: Strangers
I knew you well and warm
Paragraphs in you adorned
We found in presence, our fault
That we knew nothing at all

There was nothing to find
With all you kept in your mind
Paragraphs darken the page
We feel what stands in our way

Longing to be known
Knowing love as strange to me
Close to you feels odd and new
but weaving lines won't claim you

My darling wakes; a sunrise
Her colours wrought in my mind
Descend the depths of a heart
How could I ever depart


I sleep and I
see you
and you dream too
if i tell you too
and we speak again
like old friends

i'm in your mind
but never in your mind
can we speak again
like old friends
fare parting a day
or til
the end
Track Name: Wooden Eyed
Wooden Eyed, dear
Don't feel obligated
I see how you escape your words

Mountain minded
Won't you walk next to me
See how I will trace your steps

Let me know you love me
without words to rend us barren in our feelings

Your middle name, it
Didn't make sense till I saw it on a road sign

Fire blinded
Golden irises bring favour to my forethought

So, Wooden Eyed, dear
Catch my accidental glance again
Track Name: Look at the Moon
Hide from my sunlight
Shelter, you take flight
Cover yourself in night

Neither side returns
Until the earth is burned
There's nothing left to learn

Pockets lose their weight
For the open gate
Feel your spirit shake

Look at the moon, dear
It's shining for you
Closer, the sun bears a scar on its loom

and love, it's every night
you claim my sight

i can always find you in my mind
Track Name: From Here 'til Morning
Her warmest home, irenic night
I sink in her palm as she says
Colours seen by candlelight
Won't look the same by day

Make the goodbye wait
Keep your eyes awake
Can the framework fake
A beautiful face
But what will make a difference
From here til morning

Lights in your room, top of the stairs
You trailed away so quietly, but I'm still here
Last to leave,
Eyes on the hall
A shadow never seen

If I'm not keeping you,
Then you'll just go
Like the trees, we grow
Slowly into silence
And I can see the difference
From here til morning
Track Name: Egg & I
On a clear day, the mountains see you
Melding into the sky, a see-through
Across the water from the place you've never been

In the summer after city walls contain us
And all the people that we know and those we don't
Every blade of grass compels us to begin again

Wander the streets, the calm and sleepy town
Dogs eyes, in mind the place that you can go
Sing and echoes ring through the woods, behold the sea

In the summer after city walls contain us
And all the people that we know and those we don't
Every written word compels us to begin again

We drive down the valley road at dusk
Shout out, we found a turn at Egg & I
And chase the sun until we reach its resting place


In the field we found our friend Faedon
On the ferry, run into Sam
Our joy is insatiable
So we'll find a place
To let it be

George is in the basement shop, playing
Our favourite songs seem to never end
But he tells us all things
must pass

After we've been through it all,
Will the next year want to follow
The clearest view I've found
Is miles away
A single day
Can bring me north again

Softest hands turn ancient pages new again
Line the rooms with cherished thoughts
Are you
Able to
Take all this to heart?
Track Name: All I Can't Say
as if i could run the pain along an empty page
everything i gave has come to be reclaimed
something inside you sought the parting from our youth
nothing i was could be your answer or your truth

and in summer streams i feed the memory
of days i revered for closeness to you

the corners you wilt upon my awning boyish wraith;
a ghost you had thought to be so haunting yet afraid
while climbing the walls to capture one more word from me
you scurry away before i say all i can say

but as summer leaves i loathe the reverie
of days i adhered a constancy for you

depriving a prosing tongue as time we left unspent
to change of a season flowering my thoughts unkempt
i hoped that these words could balance on your line-by-line
but all that i wrote approximated the rhyme
Track Name: Hum
Somber days
Move in lilacs and waves
A cloudless refrain
It's always this way

Like a maeve
Catalyse and I swoon
Reel of the room
It's something new

Finally caused to prove
I'm not the only one in love
Our eyes will know their place
Dressed in a holiday
Marble of sacred night
Sink into my sight

Certain ways, your eyes will pave
A path into your thoughts
Lead me along
Track Name: The Pier
We'll walk ahead
I hardly know what's in your head
You look nice today
You wear it well, that white dress you sway

This stone is just as soft
It seems to flow about
As the train of your dress
In the water

Barefoot boardwalk
Shifting feet to be near again
Sara trades me places
So I can keep up with you

I like that colour green
As you drop that pearl into.
I love that sunlight and you
Turn away when you feel again

"No one understands my moon,"
I understand, of course I understand
That it's not as brilliant as you
Although I bother you so well.

I like that colour white
Stone in the sky
You wear it well, that light you're in
And I fell into.

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