Little Bloom

by Holden Days

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This collection of songs was written and recorded during a very hard year of life, although they might not at all appear to be that way in content or sound. My goal in writing for this album was to capture the things that I saw in life that kept me going-- My best friend's wedding; wanting to fall in love again after a long season of heartbreak; the kindness of friends; fond memories of a different place and time; and other things of that sort of purity.

This album is a step back from our first effort, "Cultivate" in the sense of focusing on succinct songwriting and not relying on elaborate arrangements to make the songs interesting. I sometimes think about the way I perform my songs to people in a live setting, and more often than not, it's just me and an acoustic guitar. So, in writing these songs, I was very intentional to build them with strong foundations so as to not lull people to boredom (or sleep) when I sing them, and to let them have their own atmosphere. Although, you might still fall asleep listening to this album.

All these songs and atmospheres that I've captured for myself proved to carry me out of a pretty heavy state of depression and helped me process all sorts of things I've been facing in life. I hope these songs might mean something to you in a similar capacity. Thanks for reading and listening.

-Timothy Jude Andrews


released June 15, 2018

Timothy Andrews - vocals, guitars, bass, banjo, shakers
Luke Culbertson - Yamaha PSS 11 (voice memo)

Timothy Andrews - vocals, drums & percussion, guitars, bass

Timothy Andrews - ukulele
Luke Culbertson - acoustic guitar
Carson Cody - additional ukulele
Jeff Carl - the best dang laughter you ever did hear

Pearls About You (Daytime)-
Timothy Andrews - vocals, guitars, bass, ukulele, piano, percussion
Luke Culbertson - vocals, banjo, mandolin, slide guitars

Love Familiar-
Timothy Andrews - vocals, guitars, bass, charango, ukuleles, percussion

Little Bloom-
Timothy Andrews - vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, piano, celtic harp

Softer Light-
Timothy Andrews - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, piano, charango
Joey Sardella - electric guitar solo \m/
Cade Legat - drums
Tyler Mays - drum engineer

Timothy Andrews - vocals, guitar

Mixed by Timothy Jude Andrews and William Luke Culbertson
Mastered by William Luke Culbertson (Lofty Stills)
Drum Engineering by Cade Legat and Tyler Mays


all rights reserved



Holden Days San Juan Capistrano, California

The semi-collaborative dream-folk project of Timothy Jude Andrews of Southern California, who is carefully amassing castles of songs as if to fill every page of the world's journals and storybooks.

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Track Name: April/Bluebell
How long now
Have I known you?
I'm not sure of one thing.
But your widening eyes fit me in a warmth-
Treat me with a word of grace.
Hold me steady and secure;
When bitter words spared me nothing
You assured me
You allure me

How long now
Do you think this will last?
I'm not sure of myself.
But right here and now, I find you-
Do you know your effect on me?
Hold your tongue and my tether;
When sweeter words bless my waning
Will you deter me
Or just defer me

You're chiming bluebells
And bringing closer comfort
And it’s so lovely,
But I can't see you every day
I'm afraid that I might fall asleep
And dream of you again!!!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Coffee
kelly, my doll at the coffee house
I drank my way down to you
clearest frames for your quiet eyes
you're like a ghost when you move
you know me now because i know you
today we held up the line
out common courtesy was intimate
and i tipped you a hundred percent
to buy myself another sip

you are standing still and i am
sitting at the counter
people come and we pretend we
run the family store
and now and then a wink on the side

i dreamt we were in a movie once
it's not a long-shot by now
you're anything that i want you to be
when none of our words will come out
so i'll just take another sip

standing tall so you can see me
over all the pastries
you glance at me when you make a joke to
see if i am listening
you accidentally grab my hand when you
take my empty cup
and then you go and fill it back up
Track Name: Ordway
*Jeff Carl laughing*
Track Name: Pearls About You (Daytime)
Laying on the floor
Seems all I know
All I know
Nothing is anymore;
Anymore seems something slow
When laying on the floor

Living in myself
See all the world
All the world
Everything is beautiful
Sees me distant
When living in myself
(When laying on the floor)

How long can you gleam the skies
Until your stars pearl down
Wherein I catch you
There I shall know you
High hang those fishlines
Weaving them fine
Just to draw
my eyes
Track Name: Love Familiar
You are everything I want;
You want everything I'm not--
I'd like to get closer to you.
Can you take me from myself,
And shiver when I melt?
These days-- I'll remember them so well.
Sometimes, I'm lost
When I want to tell you
How I'd like to be in love with you again

Oh, can I sit here in your light?
won't you find
The care that's in my eyes/something in my eyes

I don't need a moon to blame
Or stars to trace your name
And those leaves flutter fine from far away
But I'm lost right now
Cause I want to tell you
That I'd like to fall in love with you again
Track Name: Little Bloom
I can't even open my eyes
Tethered to this body of mine
Prone to failure, restless under lavender skies

I can't stand to see you unwell
Dressed in silence, hoped to dispel
Such a sickness haunting every limb of our leaves

Can a love be very long for this world?
Our tiny bodies try to hold an infinite soul
And maybe we're just worn a little thin for now.

Our frailty measures sleep and awake
Bothered bones break day in a lull
But I'll carry anything serving of you

To tend through tired tenor I'll find
That you will be my caretaker
When you feel better;
Guide me through the languid and lost

Can a love be very long for this world?
Our tiny bodies try to hold an infinite soul
Maybe you and I will outgrow our shells and resign
Your little bloom will be enough to keep me on until
But maybe we're just worn a little thin for now
Track Name: Softer Light
Where did our souls first find their rest
These words that hold in all of our breath
Spoken reasons, they love to sing
Of how we've wept and all we've left behind
Leaving us an open room
This opulence to fill us ever again

She'll be a rose that will bloom every morning
He'll be the one to wear her petals on his sleeve
In fragrance of mercy, the soul of devotion
Takes shelter in their arms

Sunlight is sparkling through the leaves
For a while, it's dancing on your face and hands
And all of the time it took to reach us here
And goodness, all the years we'll have to draw nearer still
And it will be a lens for all the dust
Floating by all the windows of our home

Where he'll be a furnace that warms ev'ry evening
And she'll be the one to keep that fire burning bright
When sorrow comes reigning,
the stones of that hearth will
Reflect a softer light
Track Name: Iridescent
you seem promising
but if i followed you, how far would i fall behind?
and how would you change your mind?

and God Himself
gave you words and let you know how much i needed them
so even if you're here a spell
those words
are written on my heart

and the way you looked at me
made me dream of better days
and the way i looked for You
led me to a safer place

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