by Holden Days

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Ryan Huston This whole album is absolutely gorgeous. It makes life better. Favorite track: Gold Demesne.
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A sea of evergreen melodies reflect a fluttering glory of a sun so far off, with the most apparent concentration of care. As the focus of light lingers and seeps through blessed fingers, translucent hopes are fitted for a golden garb, reserved for a vessel of dreams and the quietest thoughts. These specks of dust filtered throughout that scene represent the smaller significances, yet carry with them enough levity and expanse to fill an entire atmosphere.

"Cultivate" is a collection of songs crafted in mid-wist thoughts of wandering times, distance, tender affection, and pristine wishes. This album is an attempt to properly and beautifully paint the splendid dynamics of human relationships, and various implications and effects of faithfulness built off of once-simple dreams. Given shells of folk styling and magical instrumentation, these songs portray the deepest love and small glimpses of such extravagant natures of life.


released March 2, 2017

Holden Days is:
Timothy Jude Andrews
William Luke Culbertson
Carson Thomas Cody

additional credits:
Tandra Mae Fielding - flutes on "Absence"

Trevor Richardson for the amazing work on mixing and mastering,
RLW for the inspiration,
Conner Reeves for the endless camaraderie and support,
Michael Graham for the generous supplication of musical needs,
and everyone else who has stuck with me for so long in seeing these songs to completion.

All songs written by Timothy Jude Andrews, with some lyrics and bridges here and there by Luke Culbertson.
Produced by Timothy Jude Andrews, W. Luke Culbertson, and Carson Thomas Cody, in our respective bedrooms
Mixed and Mastered by Trevor J. Richardson
Photo by Holden Days


all rights reserved



Holden Days San Juan Capistrano, California

some sleepy dudez makin some sleepy tunez

Timothy Andrews
Luke Culbertson
Joey Sardella
& whoever else

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Track Name: Cultivate
Have we come undone?
You don’t have to run away
Please stay
We are more than words
We are more than we will ever say
And it will stay that way
So let us cultivate

I’m wishing on the wind
To carry all my thoughts into your night
It’s a sorry plight
Such a lonely night

Would you let them in?
Or cast my words off too the side?
Leave them where they lie
You can let them thrive
May the be a guide
To lead your heart to mine

In the harvest, may we bear
And burn away all the tares
We will reap what we sow;
Keep me with you and I’ll grow
Track Name: Eastern Gown
The Moon will show a long way home
But in an eastern gown, the sun will rise
Giving warmth to trav’ling bones and tired eyes

On your way, you’ll waste the day
Driving back to all the things you left behind
Coming fast to some poor boy who missed your Wooden Eyes

Will my heart be the one
To break away and end this longing day?
If my heart is the one
Then when will this carry itself away?

The shifting shadow
Will soonly dissipate
I am waiting for the day I will see your face
But it will be a different light
And we will live separate lives.
Track Name: Eau Claire
Did you wait that year for me?
Were you waiting for my errancy?
Did I let go of all I chased
For a time with you, face-to-face?

Eau Claire, you don’t know I can’t be there
With the dirt in my hands, running through your hair
Eau Claire, you don’t know of all the nightmares
That keep me running back to grace

Kiss until all the clouds are gone
Just let this be our swan song
By the fount, deeper in the garden
You ardent, you aren’t like me at all

Eau Claire, you don’t know how much I care
Just to keep you safe from what you think is fair
Eau Claire, I am trying hard to save you
But I’ve gone in too far, letting all that ever hurt me have its way and
Tear me up to pieces in its vile mouth

Imparted wisdom
Failure to go on
And all the tenderness has run aground
Now I know this,
And I can’t go on
All the madness that your days have wrung

I am letting go of this now
In your hand I feel your soul;
In your soul, you are not whole
Track Name: Gold Demesne
Gold Demesne, you struck a vein
Of openhearted tendencies;
A mind as wild as wind and sea
It’s my demise
To no surprise

I cannot catch every fox on my own
So let my bearing be sweet to your bones

Pack of wolves in restless woods
I came as night, swift and light
Drawing your days with fangs of white
And now I stand with fists full of sand

I have awoken my love before its time
So I wait ‘til they say I’m absolved of my crimes
I have awoken my love before her time
I wait ‘til they say
I’m absolved of my crimes

Gardens grow inside of you
With seas of evergreens
in my eyes turning blue
I can try to wait a little longer
Try to wait a little longer
Try again
Track Name: Absence
All I want are words with you
Always short and always few

Thimble kisses weaving through
Tension passes me to you
Track Name: Candles
What a four hour
remedy that we need
Candles like you and me
speak like the sea

Written skies and painted words
Dry my eyes and open yours
And dead air calls for depth of care
If you are there

All that you miss
If you don’t
If you won’t

And if you don’t
And if you won’t
This will die
This will die
Track Name: Here
Sleepless in my bed I lie
Sickness comes from late at night
You come to me
In every thought
And I can’t help
But feel you’re lost
This season brings so much
Promise you will
Take and drink your fill
Whenever you will find me
Whenever you will find me

Home alone in lonely homes
Fragile thoughts will break like bones
You wanted me to grow away
I wanted you anyway
I just can’t seem to think
That you never will
take and drink your fill
Whenever you will find me
Whenever you will find me

Take and drink your fill
Whenever you will find me
If ever you should find me
Track Name: Movement IV - Shy
Fall into my arms
A solace, the morning dream
Set forth in the dawn,
A love so long

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